Rehabilitate 96 hectares of land into photovoltaic power plants

TERREAL France has entrusted TotalEnergies Renewables to convert 8 sites, including former quarries, into ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants, for 2024. With this partnership, TERREAL affirms its ambitions to offset 100% of its electricity consumption by producing renewable energy on its fields.



An ambition to offset 100% of its electricity consumption by 2030.

Located mainly in the western part of France (Calvados, Charente, Dordogne and Aude), eight sites have been entrusted to TotalEnergies. TotalEnergies will develop, build, operate and maintain the green electricity production facilities. They are scheduled to come on stream in 2024.

"These solar projects will complement our existing ground-based and factory roof installations, which account for 16% of TERREAL's consumption already in operation, and will make 70 million kWh of electricity available to the grid per year. We are pleased to entrust them to TotalEnergies, a recognised player and leader in the production of renewable energy", says Patrick Leblans, Energy Director at TERREAL.

"This agreement demonstrates our ability to offer solutions that perfectly meet our partners' requirements and can be integrated into any type of property. We share many of the same values with TERREAL, particularly in terms of safety and the environment. We are very happy to participate in its transformation and hope that these eight plants will be the beginning of a long-lasting partnership", said Thierry Muller, Managing Director of TotalEnergies Renouvelables France.

Other land and industrial sites are currently being identified to achieve the goal of offsetting 100% of the electricity used. In particular, TERREAL is in the process of consulting for the installation of photovoltaic panels in 4 additional factories, for a total surface area of 35,000 m². TERREAL has taken a new step in its roadmap towards carbon neutrality. This compensation measure is in addition to the many actions taken by TERREAL to drastically reduce its CO2 emissions through two additional axes: the modernisation of equipment and the circular economy. Its exhaustive roadmap is applied simultaneously to all its sites and products: modernisation of existing equipment, electrification, implementation of energy recovery techniques (exchangers on kiln fumes), storage, thermal solar, biomass, packaging, etc.

Since 2011, our CO2 emissions have been reduced by 27%. Large-scale investments launched in 2020 and those to come will enable an even greater reduction in CO2 emissions in the years to come.

"TERREAL has been investing in the development of solar energy in France for about ten years. Clean energy for us and for our customers is central to our ambitions, which is also illustrated by our strong growth in the residential photovoltaic market. In addition to these projects, we are continually working to improve the energy performance of our sites, in particular by optimising and modernising existing equipment," concludes Jean-Baptiste Fayet, Managing Director of TERREAL France.

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