“Titan West” project to reduce our energy consumption

TERREAL has invested 6.4 million euro for the 2020 phase of the TITAN West project at its sites based in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Eager to develop its activities while limiting its environmental impact, TERREAL is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. The Group has therefore just entered into a large-scale partnership with the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region to modernize its production equipment in Roumazières, Montpon and Chasseneuil.



Known as “TITAN West”, this project aims to reduce the energy consumption of its sites based in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Roumazières, Montpon-Ménésterol and Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure) by 10.5%, i.e. a reduction in CO2 emissions of 4,500 tonnes/year. The implementation of this project will eventually lead to an energy reduction equivalent to the consumption of nearly 3,800 homes.

The project is being subsidized to the tune of 1.3 million euro by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region.

For the first phase in 2020, the transfer of the ZEN roof tile range from a roller kiln to a tunnel kiln will cut the energy consumption for this range by more than a third. The dedicated project team has been leading this project since December 2018 and has remained committed during the lockdown period with the utmost respect for sanitary measures in order to maintain the completion deadlines.

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