Complete solutions for positive roofing

At TERREAL, we offer complete solutions to create roofs that marry technical performance with long-lasting beauty. Our extensive range of products is ideal both for bold contemporary roof designs and for more traditional roofs that blend in with local styles and heritage.

With 11 production sites in France's major tile-making regions, TERREAL offers an unrivalled choice of 60 tiles to suit every style and tradition.

  • Roof tiles
  • Heat insulation
  • Roofing components
  • Metal flues
  • Underlays
  • Solar



Positive roofing

The roof – the "fifth façade" – can be made an active part of any building by installing solar heating panels to produce hot water and photovoltaic solar panels to produce electricity, at the same time as fulfilling its primary function of protecting the building and its occupants from the ravages of the weather.

Building on our experience in roofing and weatherproofing, we design and manufacture systems for the rooftop installation of solar heating and electricity systems. Our systems come with a ten-year guarantee and comply with the strictest standards for integration with the building fabric, including on very shallow-pitched roofs.

We offer complete solutions to help construction professionals and solar specialists to develop their businesses. These high-performance solutions include thermal or photovoltaic panels, installation systems and installation fittings.

At Terreal, we have established a range of services aimed at making professionals' lives easier, including site kick-off, dealing with regulatory issues, providing financing offers, technical service and more.

Our most recent innovation, keeping one step ahead of future insulation and environmental regulations, is TERREAL Premium Evolution. This universal solar PV installation system is guaranteed for 10 years and comes with weatherproofing and simplified installation. It can fitted easily by two persons in less than a day, thanks to clever features such as an alignment system that requires no measurements to be made on the roof itself and the simple, rapid interlocking of modules on universal plates.

TERREAL Premium Evolution is compatible with all types of roofing material – plain or barrel tiles, slates, steel sheets etc. – and is usable with all types of framed photovoltaic modules. Not only that, it's also less than 65 mm thick (including panels). It is one of the only systems in France to qualify for the Integrated Construction Premium (Prime d'intégration au bâti) on all tiles.