7 plants certified ISO 50 001 "'Energy Management'

ISO 50 001

7 plants certified ISO 50 001 "'Energy Management'

💡 The ISO 50 001 certification confirms the good practices implemented by our Environmental Energy Policy. This official recognition is the result of the work initiated several years ago by the teams in the continuous improvement of overall energy performance.

➡️ After the certification of the Chagny 1, Chagny 2, Saint Martin, Roumazières, Bavent, Colomiers and Lasbordes sites, the objective is to certify all sites by the end of the year.

Our low-carbon roadmap, which includes more than 400 short, medium and long-term actions, allows Terreal's factories to already observe the first positive effects that will significantly increase in the years to come.

Terreal's France HR Manager who led the workshop on "how to prepare for a job interview".


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