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The advantages of terracotta in construction

Choosing terracotta for your new build is often the result of a successful consideration phase. Terracotta has gone from the unenviable status of a material neglected under our feet to a durable material with many recognised qualities. 

A natural and recyclable material 

Unlike many materials used in construction, terracotta is a simple mixture of clay and water. This means recycling the terracotta building elements is easy due to their natural composition. 

Terracotta – an aesthetic asset for a building 

 Depending on the colour of the clay used, your construction elements may vary between yellow, ochre and red. 

These warm colours enhance the façades and roofs of buildings and give them a timeless stamp and a unique texture. 

Durable and economical construction 

Terracotta has undeniable value in terms of thermal inertia. Its powerful insulation capabilities allow the terracotta to better control temperature variations whether in hot or cold conditions. Its ability to reduce thermal bridges therefore make this material a clear asset to your portfolio. 

Terracotta – the material that adapts to everything 

Versatile, modern and ecological, terracotta will sit with style on the front of a building, in public gardens or in any other enclosed space (such as on a patio). Terracotta is only as limited as your imagination and creativity. 

Terracotta – a non-combustible material 

While we no longer live in the Middle Ages, when so many houses burnt down, some of today's building materials are still fire hazards. Terracotta sets itself apart with a particularly reassuring feature: it is fireproof! Play it safe and keep fire hazards away from your building. 

Terracotta preserves indoor air 

Anyone sensitive to allergies will appreciate the air quality in buildings built with terracotta, as this natural material contains no chemical elements. Its resistance to moisture prevents moulds from growing that are responsible for a number of respiratory diseases.  

Save energy and, most importantly, control your costs 

Unlike façades that require regular maintenance, terracotta is the envy of many as it requires no special maintenance. Its high number of heat and cold insulating properties mean users can save on heating and air conditioning. + One small plus point: it will weather over time and eventually give the building a unique character. 

How is terracotta used in construction?

Terreal has developed in-depth knowledge spanning the last 150 years. Our experience allows us to offer our customers architectural elements for any type of construction. 

Our expertise guarantees a robust terracotta construction. This traditional material allows for rapid construction, as its regular shape makes it easier to lay the tiles. 

We sell a wide range of natural products that deliver both durability and thermal comfort. Certified and tested, our products meet the thermal regulation requirements in force and are tested to meet expectations in terms of: 

  • seismic zones, 
  • fire hazards, 
  • acoustic regulations. 

Advantages of using terracotta materials in your building include the quality of the work provided, the fineness of the materials, the shades of colour offered by the clay. Whether you want to build a wall, put up a partition or a chimney duct, terracotta has a number of advantages and means you can control your construction costs.  

Please see our gallery for some beautiful examples of terracotta builds

To sum up, a terracotta construction guarantees the use of a durable, authentic, resistant, fireproof and unique material. Starting the construction of a building using a natural material ensures your living comfort and cost control, both during construction and in terms of thermal insulation. This eco-friendly material is returning to the fore in the building sector.

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