Concours terroirs Terreal

The fundamentals of the contest

The Terreal local contests are part of the Group's initiative to support roofers in promoting their expertise. They are also an opportunity to develop products geared towards renovation, respecting the architectural traditions of each region, such as the Pommard (multiple options), Bastide (Southwest and Périgord) or Canalaverou (Atlantic coast) roofing tile ranges. In addition, they reflect the Group's CSR commitment which involves supporting communities and regions by protecting rural areas and promoting regional identities in France. Thus, with its traditional roofing tiles and expert roofers, Terreal contributes to safeguarding our wealth of heritage.

Terms and conditions:

Who can take part?

The local contests aim to showcase the work of roofing professionals and highlight their traditional knowledge.  They are open to all roofing professionals who have laid Terreal renovation roofing tiles on any type of old building (historic building, church, manor house, service or administrative building, farm, small heritage property, any size of private house etc.). The building in question must have been built at least 60 years ago.


Who is on the panel?

Judged by a panel of heritage professionals and based on selection criteria including technicality, aesthetics and respect for local architectural heritage, the Terreal local awards are part of a constant desire to promote the renovation work undertaken on old roofs in our regions and the professionals who do this.


How do I sign up?

Submissions are reviewed by a panel composed of roofing technicians, people working in the heritage sector and Terreal representatives. Several honorary awards are granted to the best work in the areas of Historic monuments and heritage, Houses and private dwellings, Industrial heritage and Complex and highly technical roofs.

The awards are presented at an official ceremony that takes place in a prestigious setting that is noted for its French heritage.

You can find all the terms and conditions for participation in the full set of local contest rules.

Previous events

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