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Can I choose the colour of my roof?

The roof, or the fifth façade, often gives a house its identity, marking it out as traditional and part of the region or radically modern, depending on the shape, size and colour of the roofing tiles. As your roof is not something you change every year, it's important to take your time and choose something that you'll love for many years to come. However, the choice of colour and shape of your tiles might not be completely up to you. Depending on the region and location of your house, you may be subject to certain obligations imposed by the local development plan which may limit your choices or impose certain solutions on you. It can be frustrating at times. At Terreal, we offer more than 80 roofing colours so you can find the one that's perfect for you.

What colour should my roof be?

Tile colours are first and foremost determined by the clays used to produce them. 

  • Reds: this is the traditional colour for tiled roofs. It's not just about black slate, roofs can be red, too. But there are many types of red, from Burgundy reds to the slightly orangey-reds
  • Browns: these clays have a high iron content.
  • Ochres:  white clays, creating colours ranging from ochres to shades of sand and Champagne.

By choosing these colours, you're guaranteed to end up with something that tasteful and in-keeping with the style of your.

Many roofs feature a variety of different shades of colour. Successive reworks over time result in roofs with varying shades of colour, which can now be reproduced using modern roofing tiles. There's an infinite range of choices.

Terracotta roofing tiles are also available in bold, contemporary monochrome colours, such as mocha, grey and slate. As a result, they work perfectly with architecturally modern homes that want to stand out. With local approval, these colours suit new builds and renovations alike.

Exceptional terracotta roofing tile colours

Why not have a Van Gogh or a Renoir on your roof? As well as the colours in the catalogue, your roofer can create a unique, mixed-colour roof for you, with an artistic feel and limitless possibilities. The only condition is that plain tiles must be used. This is the perfect solution for owners of beautiful homes, who are looking to add lasting value to their property.

Taking a chance with a shiny, glazed finish is a daring choice for those with a bold architectural project. Far from the flashy look you might have in mind, glazes are available in shades of grey, red or white for unique arrangements.

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