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Brick patio

Terracotta is a natural and long-lasting choice for patios that doesn't take hours to clean. All you need to do is sweep off the dust and brush the surface with hot water and washing-up liquid or black soap, before rinsing it with clean water. If the terracotta is stained, sprinkle with a natural stain remover, leave for a few hours and then brush.  

Available in several shapes and colours, terracotta tiles let you plan your landscaping project to suit your own tastes and personality. Paving slabs and tiles can be arranged across the entire landscaped area to create a highly coordinated design. 

What hard landscaping should I choose for my garden?

For the garden itself, terracotta is once again an excellent choice. Thanks to its strength and impact resistance, terracotta is used to make solid pavers that can bear considerable weight. This means it can be used to create paths and walkways that separate spaces and make it easy to walk around, stopping people from strolling across the lawn or through the flowerbeds. 

In the same way, Terracotta can be used to lay a practical and attractive driveway. 

Terracotta tiles can also be used to edge a garden pool.  Being porous, they prevent puddles of water, while their non-slip properties make them a safe option too. The risks of mould and people falling are therefore avoided. 

Make the most of Terracotta landscaping

Terracotta landscaping allows you to play with shadow and light, while taking full advantage of your garden's potential. Before starting, we strongly recommend that you align your needs with your budget, surface area and the different levels in your garden. This will give you the basis of your plan and an overview of the project. You could divide your garden into separate areas for relaxing, eating, cooking, swimming, walking, growing vegetables, planting shrubs and flowers and so on. 

Successful terracotta landscaping.

Terracotta cladding bricks and brick slips for low walls and façades will enhance the house and add some welcome thermal insulation.  Angled, flat or single piece coping stones will provide low walls, fences, wall tops, and railings with an elegant finish.  

Screen walling provides vertical definition for spaces, and is perfect for concealing an emergency staircase, for example. 

Terracotta has many interesting properties, one of which is that it does not warp when subjected to very high temperatures.  This means it is perfect for an outdoor cooking area with a barbecue and/or bread oven — just add tables and chairs or a counter, or bar stools for an al fresco corner.  

Installing a bioclimatic pergola with sunscreen baguettes, will make great use of the terrace, even in very hot weather.  

Of course, outdoor décor includes the garden itself.  It should show off the natural vegetation with the addition of a few terracotta flower pots. 

Finally, think about lighting so you can also enjoy your patio and garden at night. Fairy lights and candles add charm and ambience to the finished look, while ground-level lighting will illuminate pathways. 


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