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Together, let's make solar roofs the norm

Take advantage of innovative solutions to do something for the environment while gaining purchasing power. By offering its Demain Tous Solaire programme today, Terreal makes solar power an accessible option that offers immediate savings and environmental benefits. 
With a solar roof, you can preserve your purchasing power and commit to energy transition — no need to wait for regulatory change to take a stance!

A SAFE solution with technical advice

The Terreal Solterre PV solar offer is the most comprehensive on the market that includes technical advice. The complete list of validated products which include technical advice can be found on the Agence Qualité Construction (construction quality agency) website.

Guaranteed performance 

Our solutions incorporate modules which have a low environmental impact and an extended life cycle. They have a 30-year sealing warranty for roofs laid with Terreal roofing tiles. Photovoltaic panels benefit from a 25-year performance warranty.

AESTHETIC solutions

Integrated photovoltaic panels replace roofing tiles without making the roof
any thicker. Available in several colours, the parts in the integration kit are a perfect match for the colours of the tiles.

An investment that's quickly offset

Integrated solar systems also have the advantage of rapidly paying for themselves, allowing for substantial savings on electricity bills.

Offre solaire piloter ma consommation

Focus on

Control your electrical energy needs

Terreal supervision allows you to monitor the production and consumption* of the house. You can optimise self-consumption to achieve even greater savings on your electricity bill.

Ask your installer for a personalised illustration using our Demain Tous Solaire application.

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