Professional equality

Professional equality, an integral part of the quality of life at work, should be defined as the possibility for women and men to benefit from equal treatment in terms of access to employment, professional training, professional promotion and remuneration. The articulation between professional and personal life also contributes to professional equality.

TERREAL and its staff representatives are committed to respecting professional equality between men and women and to the quality of life at work.  They have always worked to ensure the effectiveness of this principle within TERREAL.

TERREAL's social partners have signed an agreement on professional equality between women and men and quality of life at work.


Socially responsible telework!                                                                                                                                       
Telework is a positive element, particularly in terms of well-being at work and sustainable mobility. Indeed, it can bring many advantages to those who practice it:

  • More autonomy and responsibility     
  • Trust between employer and employee;
  • Reduction in travel time;    
  • Reduced stress;
  • Better productivity and efficiency at work;    
  • Better work-life balance; 
  • Better quality of life...

Telework can also significantly reduce transport costs and time wasted, as well as the associated greenhouse gas emissions. However, it must be managed so that its use remains balanced and proportionate to the company's needs.

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