At Terreal, the environmental policy is the result of our CSR commitments.

Anticipating regulatory developments in the construction sector

TERREAL is contributing to the work of France’s SUSTAINABLE BUILDING PLAN.

Our solutions anticipate the requirements of the new regulations - Effinergie + and BEPOS labels, French thermal regulations (RT 2012 low energy consumption building and RT 2020 positive energy buildings). We help our customers meet these regulations.

In Castelnaudary, TERREAL has designed positive energy houses for the positive social housing project. These houses have been occupied since 2013, and their energy performance targets have been met.

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Reducing the impact of our activities on the environment

Every TERREAL site measures and regularly declares all its impacts, and implements optimization measures: limiting dust emissions, flue gas purification, recycling industrial waste. Before beginning to exploit its quarries, TERREAL conducts an initial examination of the fauna and flora, establishes a biodiversity conservation plan and then afterwards rehabilitates the area: reforestation, re-cultivation, creating an area of water, etc.

During the redevelopment of the Neuilly-la-Forêt quarry in 2007, 28 hectares were returned to agriculture. Hedgerows, typical of the Normandy landscape, were replanted.

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Reducing our energy consumption and CO2 emissions

TERREAL has an energy consumption control programme. All our production units have undergone a thorough energy review, which revealed numerous areas in which savings could be made: heat recovery from furnaces, heat exchangers, etc.

Other ideas are being developed such as baking products using biomethane produced from the fermentation of waste.

With the ECOCEA project, the Chagny plant is the first tile production unit in the world to use household waste from surrounding towns to produce biomethane and use it to bake their tiles. More than one third of the tile production plant’s energy needs will be met in this way.