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The clay pits we operate are, like all our plants, classified installations as regards the protection of the environment. As such, they are subject to operating administrative authorization for fixed terms.

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Our duties in respect of operating plans

Our quarry operating plans include:

  • conducting an initial inventory of the fauna and flora
  • all the measures for preserving biodiversity
  • mapping the presence of species and their photos.

- Prior to the operation, the rehabilitation of quarries (methods and phasing) is clearly defined.
- Operating phases are coordinated with the redevelopment of quarries to minimize the area impacted by the extraction as much as possible.
- At the end of production, the land is generally returned to its original use (reforestation, returned to crops, etc.). The order may, where appropriate, include the creation of a body of water.

Returning our sites to nature

It is possible to revitalize the natural environment and enhance biodiversity during and after quarrying. At Chagny for example, our activity allowed 11 species of amphibians to develop, which are taken great care of by the site staff. Push to the updated action sheet with the latest data.

In addition, the environmental impact and criticality analysis tool, developed by our Group optimizes the development of ad hoc action plans.