Terreal, a relationship management and human resources sustainable and responsible

Nurturing talent

The "Générations Plus" agreement, signed in 2013, underpins Terreal’s human resources management policy and focuses on sustainably developing jobs and skills. Training and mobility, which are real performance drivers, are strongly encouraged.

3.5% of the overall budget is spent on training annually.
Every year, 70 rotating staff and 60 trainees are trained in our teams.

Promoting equality and diversity in employment

TERREAL champions gender equality in the workplace, and has also invested in giving young people the desire to learn a trade. TERREAL is committed to maintaining the employment of seniors and the intergenerational transmission of knowledge (mentoring, knowledge transfer, occupational references).

In 2011, TERREAL signed a national agreement with AGEFIPH and is committed to a long term internal charter promoting the employment of disabled people.

Maintaining a dialogue with social partners

All the topics that underpin our social contract are discussed with our social partners, be it complementary social protection, structure of jobs or working conditions. This social dialogue, fed by the views of experts, has made it possible to achieve real consensus and so conclude some major agreements.