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Contributing to the company's strategy, in 2008 the Human Relations and Resources Department implemented a proactive approach, reiterated by the Générations Plus agreement, to the development of professions, jobs and skills by a forward management of jobs and skills programme capable of mobilizing all its employees. This should help in anticipating, facilitating, and supporting the career development of every employee at Terreal, whether on their own initiative or related to the development of professions, jobs and skills, itself linked to developments in TERREAL’s specific context. Forward management of jobs and skills makes sense because it is structured in line with the measures and tools that support employees in their careers and professional development. It also aims to offer every woman, man, and generation, regardless of age, gender or disability, the means to pursue and take charge of their professional development through a programme that will enhance and secure their career.

Terreal has a proper staff training policy, having for some years exceeded the strict legal obligations regarding funding life-long training. The training plan is an essential tool and an investment in the company's initiative to adapt workers to their jobs, keep them there, and actively help develop their skills. It drives performance as well as motivation, which contributes to the strategic objective of operational excellence. In addition, Terreal has developed an internal dynamic with trainers able to enhance knowledge and skills in the various activities and consequently facilitate skills transmission. During the company's career management interviews, all Terreal people can embark on a proactive approach to building their career by means of training, in the spirit of forward management of jobs and skills.