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A review conducted in 2009 and 2010 under the aegis of AGEFIPH enabled TERREAL to make commitments in this area in 2011. To approach the issue appropriately it was clear that the societal and cultural aspects required a phased approach that would allow for the harmonious and coherent development of the perceptions of all the people involved.

It is about creating a shared, long term vision of disability in the workplace to promote its acceptance and inclusion in everyday life. It is actively promoted in the company's human relations and resources policy. And in addition, it is about promoting a dynamic of initiatives among the various establishments so that the acceptance materialises in the way most appropriate and closest to the needs - designing solutions adapted to individuals, organizations and taking account of the economic and societal constraints involved. Conscious of the need to ensure equal opportunities for disabled workers in the company and in society in general, TERREAL decided to:

  • promote the recruitment, integration and continued employment of disabled people
  • raise awareness and communicate about its commitment to implement an employment policy for people with disabilities.

A Charter was signed to this effect in 2011 and the commitments in it were reiterated by the Générations Plus agreement in 2013.