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For sustainable performance

For people building their house, we offer systems that help optimize their investment and control their energy costs in the long-term. We also use building and renovation systems compatible with

  • energy regulation issues (low energy buildings, positive energy buildings, etc.)
  • maintaining very competitive "supplied / fitted" costs.

Easy to use products

As construction systems develop, TERREAL ensures that the products are compatible with being safely handled by customers. Where appropriate, the products have suitable gripping handles or accessories designed to minimize or facilitate splitting on site. It informs customers of the precautionary measures to be taken during handling and splitting, affixing explicit pictograms on pallet covers.

With our customers

Focus groups organized by our Group regularly bring together customers to test or validate new systems or products under development. These meetings allow new developments to be adapted or adjusted to the customer’s needs (ease of use, less arduous, etc.).

Healthy products for users

Construction systems manufactured by Terreal consist mainly of terracotta products which do not contain or emit any dangerous substances. They are consequently identified as "inert products" by the regulations. A product is classified "inert" when its physico-chemical composition is close to that of an unpolluted natural substrate and has no effect on human health.

In addition, all Terreal’s terracotta products are classified A + (highest performance class) for emissions of volatile pollutants (order dated 23 March 2001): customers can therefore be sure they have healthy products that do not emit any volatile substances into the indoor air and contain no material that could serve as a nutrient for mould. Finally, the quality of the continuity of the envelope built with systems such as "Calibric®" and "Calibric® monomur" means cold spots that could produce condensation inside buildings are avoided by using coordinated accessories for the treatment of thermal bridges.

In line with building energy performance regulations, TERREAL provides expertise and technical solutions that offer a global approach to building envelope performance.