Today the average recycling rate of photovoltaic modules is 94.7%.
This is why we are a member of the PV Cycle association, which takes care of the recycling of modules.
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The Piterak Slim range of clay cladding products can be installed vertically using the V-Clip© process. The V-Clip© system is a fastening system consisting of a high performance steel wire clip that snaps onto a horizontal rail. It allows vertical fixing even on curved surfaces. Technical notice for vertical installation n°2 / 13-1542*V2.

The general rule is not to build or glue a brick when the substrate is frozen. Complete with the rest.

The precautions to be taken when building with Calibric are
- Temperature between 5 and 35°C.
- The brick surfaces must be clean, sound and free of dust.
- Moisten the surface of the bricks before applying the mortar (mandatory in hot weather and/or strong winds).

The maximum lintel must rest at least 10 cm on each side of the opening. The table dimension of the opening + 10cm must therefore be taken. Ex: for an opening of 0.90m, a maximum lintel of 1.10m must be ordered.
The chain must be anchored 10cm into the masonry.

28cm thick roller shutter box: 215 mm
30cm thick roller shutter box: 230 mm
37.5cm thick roller shutter box: 230 mm
As well as the diameter of the roller shutter, the type of slat (thickness) also has an impact on the closing height of the roller shutter.

Yes, if the wall ties do not come just above the terracotta roller shutter box.
The presence of a reinforced concrete lintel with a minimum support of 20cm on the masonry on each side of the opening allows the loads to be transferred to the masonry and not to the roller shutter boxes

Yes: photovoltaic modules work as long as there is light.
So even under a cloudy sky the module produces electricity, but 2 to 4 times less than on a clear day.

When preparing your site, you should prepare your tiles as close as possible to the chosen proportions and then lay them randomly on the roof. It is always more practical to make up packs of 10 or 12 tiles before installing them on the roof, respecting the proportions defined at the start. While the tiles are being laid, it is important to check the evenness of the mix regularly, on average every 10 m², by taking a step back.

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Our products are distributed through building material dealers. You can find a list of our distributors on our website under the heading Terreal near you.

The panels can be installed in all directions. Of course, on the north side the production will be lower (about 35% less than on the south side), but it is also possible to place the panels on the east or west side.

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