Built in 1971, this unit specialises in making concrete-based products in which the gravel is replaced by expanded clay.

The Chasseneuil site is located 12 km from the Roumazières plant and 45 km from Angoulême. Chasseneuil forms part of the Centre Region, together with the sites at Roumazières in the Charente and Montpon in the Dordogne.

Key dates

1939: Construction of the plant

1975: Construction of line U4.

1995: Construction of line U5, with rapid-firing kiln. Launch of Placbric.

2005: U5 upgraded, launch of Placfon.

2008: Construction of line U6 to manufacture Monomur and Calibric. Line U4 closes.

Site Director: Patrick Leblans

Logistics platform manager: Denis Lacave

Production lines

Blocks (automated), floor plates, rafters, reinforced concrete beams, windowsill shop


Site Director: Bruno Hocdé

Route de Limoges – 16260 Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure

Tel.: 05 45 39 51 01 – Fax: 05 45 39 63 53

Key figures


staff as at 1 January 2015


hectares – total site area