Colomiers specialises in the production of structural bricks and terracotta partitions Located on a 13-hectare site 8 km west of Toulouse, the plant houses two production lines and a major logistics platform, as well as being home to the Southern sales and marketing teams.

The site respects the environment, with short supply lines, locally sourced raw materials and low energy consumption.

Colomiers is part of the Bricks cluster, together with the Lasbordes site in the Aude.

Key dates

1939: Construction of the plant

1975: Construction of line U4.

1995: Construction of line U5, with rapid-firing kiln. Launch of Placbric.

2005: U5 upgraded, launch of Placfon.

2008: Construction of line U6 for Monomur and Calibric. Line U4 closes.

Site Director: Eric Ledour


Address :

Route de Pibrac

31770 Colomiers

Plant :

Tel. : 05 34 55 47 00 

Fax : 05 34 55 24 35

Sales office:

Tel. : 05 34 55 24 24

Fax : 05 34 55 88 96

Key figures


staff (workforce as at 1 February 2015)


tonnes shipped per day on average by the logistics platform


tonnes of partitions, terracotta tiles, slip blocks (U5)


of the products made in our Southern France sites


tonnes of traditional bricks, rectified bricks (Calibric), brick fittings (on U6).


trucks per platform