First built in 1855, the Lasbordes unit makes terracotta structural products. It is one of only a few plants in the world to make terracotta monolith pieces up to 2.8 m in length.

Located between Castelnaudary and Carcassonne, the site has two production units and one transformation unit: Lasbordes Haut (LSH), built in 1960, Lasbordes Bas (LSB), built in 1982 and Lasbordes Transformation, built in 2000.

The Lasbordes plant and the Colomiers plant near Toulouse together form the Bricks Cluster.

Key dates

1855: Plant founded by Pierre Guiraud as a workshop for the handcrafting of barrel tiles and bricks.

1929: Construction of the first Hoffmann continuous fire kiln

1967: Construction of a rapid dryer and tunnel kiln

1983: Second unit built to manufacture floor-height bricks

1994: First chimney flues produced.

2000: Processing workshop for monolith products set up.

2004: Rectification line comes into service.

Director of the Bricks Cluster: Eric Ledour


Address :

5, ancien chemin Royal, 11400 Lasbordes

Tel. : 04 68 94 51 80 – Fax : 04 68 94 51 88

Reception opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 -12:00 and 14:00-17:00.

Special features

Three production lines for terracotta structural products:

  • LSH: partitions, chimney flues, traditional and rectified bricks, brick fittings.
  • LSB: floor height bricks; 2.8 m monolith fittings, lintels, roller shutter frames and boxes, pillars, chimney flues.
  • Processing workshop: cutting to length and assembly of monolith fittings.

Key figures


hectares – total site area


tonnes per year – production capacity for LSH, plus 33,000 tonnes per year for LSB and processing shop


staff as at 1 June 2010


m² – surface area of buildings