Located 10 km outside Castelnaudary and 60 km from Toulouse. the Le Ségala site houses three production units. The plant was built after the 1914-18 war and originally produced lime. It now specialises in the production of interlocking roof tiles (S3), plain tiles (S5) and the associated fittings (S4).

Le Ségala (the name means "rye land") forms part of the Tiles South cluster, along with its sister plants at Saint-Martin and Castelnaudary.

Key dates

1895: Construction of the plant

1955: Construction of two brick tunnel kilns (one still in operation at Ségala 5).

2001: S4 kilns and dryers computerised and production doubled on S5.

Site Director: Javier De la Casa

Le Ségala

Address :

Le Ségala, 11320 La Bastide d’Anjou

Tel. : 04 68 94 50 70 Fax : 04 68 94 50 71

Key figures


staff as at 1 January 2015


tonnes of products made per year


m² – total site area


tile types and some 100 fittings in a range of 10 different shades


production lines (S3, S4 and S5)