Located in the heart of the Castelnaudary tileworks, our R&D Centre has been meeting the Group's research and development needs since 1973.

The R&D Centre is active at every stage of product innovation: from product design, prototypes, manufacturing trials and fine-tuning on our pilot production equipment, to performance testing, industrial-scale production and technical approvals.

The Centre now handles projects for the whole of the Terreal Group, carrying out research and development work on new raw materials, products and processes in close collaboration with the raw material analysis and research lab at Saint-Papoul.

Key dates

1980: Old Canal Provence and Castelviel tiles.

1983: Floor-height bricks and partitions.

1994: Maestral shingle roof for the Cité Internationale in Lyon, in collaboration with Renzo Piano.

1995: Rainscreen cladding and noise absorption range: Zéphir, Phonbric, Phonicéram etc.

1999: Monolithic fittings: Maxi lintel, Roller shutter box, Monolith pillars.

2001: Languedoc DCL roofing tiles, range of long cladding products extended (Maestral 4 cm thick and up to 152 cm long), cladding products in glazed finishes and new colours (ebony, chocolate, pearl grey), Shamal sunscreen baguettes.

2004-2005: Rully roofing tile, Calibric bricks, Boréal rainscreen cladding.

R&D Centre

Route de Revel – CS 21174 – 11491 Castelnaudary Cedex

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