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The Revel plant (Haute-Garonne) is approximately 60 kilometres from Toulouse and has a production line and a processing workshop.

Built in 1977, it specialises in the production of terracotta façades, sills and acoustic products. A total of thirty formats are produced, in nine product lines and ten different colours, using clay sourced from the quarry at Saint-Papoul.

Revel and its sister plant at Rieussequel form the Façade/Decoration cluster.

Key dates

1977: Construction of the plant

2005: Construction of a fifth kiln, increasing production capacity by around 23%

Site Director: Jean-Luc Mourlon



La Graverie – 31250 Revel

Tel. : 05 62 71 30 40 – Fax : 05 62 83 85 14

Key figures


staff as at 31 January 2015


processing workshop: rectification, drilling, sanding


m² – surface area of buildings

26 000

m² – total site area


production line for façade products

18 000

tonnes – production capacity