Saint Martin

Built in 1970, the Saint-Martin plant was officially opened by future French president Jacques Chirac, the then Minister of Industry. At the time, the plant had the largest kiln in Europe, producing up to 1000 tons of hollow bricks a day. In 1990, the plant was converted into a tile plant specialising in the production of Grands Moules du Sud tiles.

Located between Castelnaudary and Saint-Papoul, the Saint-Martin plant is part of the Tiles South cluster, along with the Le Ségala and Castelnaudary plants.

Key dates

1970: Construction of the plant, featuring what was the largest tunnel kiln in Europe.

1990: Brickworks converted to tile production

2005: New kiln built


Site Director: Javier De la Casa


Route de Saint-Papoul – 11400 Saint-Martin-Lalande

Tel. : 04 68 94 92 26 – Fax : 04 68 94 85 80

Key figures


tonnes of products made per year


hectares – total site area


m² – surface area of buildings


staff as at 1 June 2010