New TERREAL CSR Report 2020

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18 April 2021


Discover our new 2020 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report!

TERREAL has long been aware of its Social Responsibility. The health and safety of our employees, the satisfaction of our customers, the reduction of our energy consumption, the preservation and development of our clay resources are priorities for us, which are now fully integrated. in our strategic plan for profitable and sustainable growth. We want to offer ever more innovative and qualitative products and solutions to our customers, while ensuring the safety and commitment of our employees. We are therefore committed to developing and maintaining relationships of trust with internal and external stakeholders, in order to ensure the sustainability of our activities.

Our CSR approach aims to define concrete, dated and quantified commitments to sustain our activities. This desire implies implementing all the necessary means to control our environmental impacts, support our regions, develop responsible working conditions and relationships and offer innovative, sustainable and responsible offers.

This CSR report aims to explain, in a concise and concrete manner, the relevance of our actions and our results obtained in 2020, of our successes but also of certain difficulties, in a context of pandemic and environmental, economic and societal transformations.

To read our 2020 CSR Report, click here


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