New TERREAL CSR Report released

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27 May 2020

Discover our new 2019 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report

At TERREAL, CSR is now part of our strategic plan for profitable and sustainable growth. Our CSR approach aims to define concrete, dated and quantified commitments to support our activities. This will involves implementing all the necessary capability to control our environmental impacts, support our territories, develop responsible working relationships and offer sustainable and responsible innovative. 

This CSR report aims to explain succinctly the relevance of our achievements, our objectives and success, but also some challenges in a time of profound environmental, economical, industrial and societal changes.

The title of this report, from Earth to the Sun, is no accident. While remaining rooted in the traditions linked to clay, TERREAL has marked a major turning point with the strong development of the solar business to affirm its commitment to energy transition and the fight against climate change.

Discover our 2019 CSR Report

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