Our new Group wide 2021 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report is now available!

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21 April 2022

Our Group has long been aware of its Corporate Social Responsibility. At the heart of our mission, CSR is a part of our strategic plan for profitable and sustainable growth. 

Our Group is proud to present new 2021 CSR Report. The first such a comprehensive Report covering the whole Group best practices, several thematic KPIs and summarizing our first CSR strategic plan achievements. The 2021 Report demonstrates also the Group move towards a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive world by introducing our new CSR Strategic Plan 2030. 

To read our 2021 CSR Report, click here 

As with any other area of our business, our approach to sustainability is based on the principle of continuous improvement. It contributes to establishing a vision of our Group’s economic and human performance, environmentally friendly and in harmony with communities where we live and work. 

This CSR report aims to explain, in a concise and concrete manner, the relevance of our actions and our results obtained in 2021, of our successes but also of certain difficulties, in a context of pandemic and environmental, economic and societal transformations. 

2021 was a year of both challenges and important movement toward achieving our strategic goals for the first CSR strategic plan 2015 – 2021.  

As a Group, we are pleased with what we have achieved especially in the area of skill development, resource management and eco-design. However, we are aware of the need to boost our efforts, particularly those relating to CO2 emissions and reinforcing the safety culture in our Group. 

Then, after one year of integration and sharing our best practices as a new Group, we worked together on our second CSR strategic plan to define even greater commitments and actions that respond to complex and interconnected global challenges. We want to be positive in the rapidly changing world and take responsibility as a larger Group, with more impact, by creating greater synergies to fasten our move to work towards more extensive, sustainable transformation. 

To read our 2021 CSR Report, click here 

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