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Laurent Musy, 

What are the current issues in the construction market?

Buildings account for some 40% of France's total energy consumption and 20% of CO2 emissions. They consequently represent the main potential source of energy savings. Faced with these challenges and with tightening legislation, the construction market is currently engaged in a fundamental shift towards more responsible housing. This is a decisive step and it affects all of us.

What is TERREAL's response to this?

TERREAL was born in 1855, in the midst of the second industrial revolution – change is in our DNA! Our company has always known how to reinvent itself, adapting to the needs of trade customers and private buyers and keeping one step ahead of regulatory change.
Today we are one of only a handful of producers who can offer a complete building envelope solution. This enables us to take a holistic approach to energy-saving issues in our market, both for new builds and renovations.

TERREAL has revamped its visual identity. Why?

Our old identity was too restrictive, relative to the diversification of our know-how and our broader offering. Also, in the last few years the company has made some profound commitments under the three pillars of corporate social responsibility, that is, to our staff, to the environment and to our local areas. This move ought to be visible in our identity.
The new single brand thus reflects our values and strategic aims.
Our new logo symbolises a light over the world, a spark of communication.
The fan of colours embodies the energy of the women and men who form the strength of our group every day.