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Arch and Art, the collective work at the Triennale gardens enhances the bricks

15 April 2016

In the gardens of the Triennale of Milan, five installations reveal contemporary art and architecture. In David Chipperfield’s creation, a special brick produced by SanMarco is used from an idea by the same architect.

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SanMarco, technical partner of the XXI International Exhibition of the Milan Triennale, provides bricks for the construction of architect Wang Shu’s setting at Hangar Bicocca

01 April 2016

Among the initiatives promoted by the Triennale at the XXI International Exhibition opens April 1st at Hangar Bicocca the Exhibition “Architecture as Art” created and directed by Pierluigi Nicolin, curated by da Nina Bassoli and staged by da Sonia Calzoni together with Patrizia Rossi. Among the invited architects, Wang Shu, Amateur Architecture Studio, thinks about an installation of facing bricks and asks for cooperation with SanMarco.