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Terreal Italia - Con Terracoat il laterizio diventa isolente

07 April 2020

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Cuisson de nos tuiles au biométhane - Usine de Chagny 2

05 December 2018

L'usine de Chagny 2 est la première au monde à utiliser le biométhane, provenant des déchets ménagers des communes alentours, pour cuire ses tuiles en terre cuite. 

A la rencontre de Nadia Houta, Responsable de production dans notre usine de Chagny 1 en Saône-et-Loire.

11 March 2019

"Dans la vie, j’ai besoin d’adrénaline, d’urgences à gérer, de challenges, de stress... il faut que ça bouge !"

Ludowici Tile has a rich history in SE Ohio

02 November 2016

Ludowici-Celadon has been a partner in progress with New Lexington for over a century. First constructed as a brick factory in 1902, the tile plant has become nationally as a source of the nation’s finest clay roofing tiles.

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Interview of Tab Colbert, Chief Executive Officer of Ludowici Roof Tile Company in New Lexington

04 February 2019

NEW LEXINGTON – What do Shaquille O’Neal, Dan Brown, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have in common? The basketball legend, best-selling author and successful singer-songwriters all have posh homes – and workers associated with Ludowici Roof Tile have worked on their roofs.

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TERREAL Diabolo® launch at ARCHIDEX 16

01 September 2016

Appropriately enough, the 17th International Architecture, Interior Design and Building Exhibition 2016 (ARCHIDEX16) served as the backdrop for the launch of Diabolo®, the latest flooring innovation of 100% terracotta from TERREAL, the leading global manufacturer of clay roof tiles and energy efficient products for the building industry. An ‘architectural innovation specifically developed for tomorrow’surban landscape’ by TERREAL and RENZOPIANO, Diabolo® is an ecological and self-draining outdoor floor covering with aterracotta and turf finish.