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Ludowici Tile has a rich history in SE Ohio

02 November 2016

Ludowici-Celadon has been a partner in progress with New Lexington for over a century. First constructed as a brick factory in 1902, the tile plant has become nationally as a source of the nation’s finest clay roofing tiles.

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TERREAL celebrates Stockist Nite 2016

02 May 2016

An evening with business partners and clients to celebrate an eventful 2015 and a promising 2016.

TERREAL Diabolo® launch at ARCHIDEX 16

01 September 2016

Appropriately enough, the 17th International Architecture, Interior Design and Building Exhibition 2016 (ARCHIDEX16) served as the backdrop for the launch of Diabolo®, the latest flooring innovation of 100% terracotta from TERREAL, the leading global manufacturer of clay roof tiles and energy efficient products for the building industry. An ‘architectural innovation specifically developed for tomorrow’surban landscape’ by TERREAL and RENZOPIANO, Diabolo® is an ecological and self-draining outdoor floor covering with aterracotta and turf finish.

Wrigley Field remake: Now it's beautiful outside, too

11 April 2016

A Wrigley Field whose exterior is being restored to the way it looked in the 1930s, complete with ornamental grill work topped by elegant sunburst patterns.

At street level, a roofline of natural-toned terra cotta — not garish fast-food orange — crowns the ticket booths and projects outward, like a small porch, beneath the marquee. It's as though Wrigley, the classic neighborhood ballpark, has been reimagined as a bigger version of the bungalows that proliferated on the city's fringes in the early 20th century.

The terra cotta, incidentally, was procured from the same Ohio company, Ludowici Roof Tile, that supplied Wrigley's original tile.

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Terreal Façades: creative, versatile and efficient solutions for building envelopes

01 June 2016

In recorded history, terracotta(“baked earth” in Italian) has been thematerial used in art and architecture forsculpture, pottery, bricks, roof shinglesand as an ornamental building materialdating back to the Neolithic Age. In themodern era, i.e., for over 160 years, TERREAL has been a name that is synonymous with the terracotta tradition.

New Hyatt Place rises in Westlake

08 February 2016

Situated in the Northeast corner of Crocker Park referred to as Union Square, the hotel might appear differently each time you see it. With abundant use of LED lighting, the color treatment can change along with the season or time day.

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