Our products are distributed through building material dealers. You can find a list of our distributors on our website under the heading Terreal near you.

The accessories, also called special parts, have a specific technical role for a good realization of the roof. They can also simply be intended to enhance the aesthetics and embellishment of the roof. Terreal and its brands strive to offer a very complete range of products, enabling the creation of an all clay roof, a guarantee of longevity and aesthetics. These wide ranges also allow roofing companies to practice "dry laying", which avoids the use of mortar. For top-of-the-range tile models such as flat tiles and canal tiles, traditional mortar laying is encouraged. It is facilitated by a range of traditional accessories: the professional roofer then expresses all his know-how: "cock's crest" finishes for the ridge, special cutting of the edges, of certain rows of tiles along the ridge.

The choice of accessories for the plain tile, e.g. cat flaps or socket tiles, is free. However, to reduce risk, it is advisable to use the accessories of the majority tile in the dominant colour. There are two choices for the edge, ridge, hip and valley lines: use the accessories of the dominant colour or make the same colour combinations as for the tiles.

What is the optimal roof shape to limit energy losses? The Promotoit association, of which TERREAL is an active member, has produced a technical sheet to give the keys to optimising the "compactness" of the house and thus limiting energy losses.