At Terreal we manage our land resources in consultation with farmers to allow farmland to be used before and after the extraction of the clay, particularly through aid programmes for young farmers As a Group, we also operate farms in some areas as a partner of SAFER – the land and rural property development agency In addition, as a forester, we ensure that our forests are sustainably managed.


The clays from Neuilly la Forêt, in the Calvados region, have been supplying around 40,000 tonnes a year of raw material to the Bavent plant since it was commissioned in 1998.

The first clay pit (Neuilly 1) was in operation from 1998 onwards, after which extraction from a second pit (Neuilly 2) began in 2007. Neuilly 1 was rehabilitated in 2007.


Rehabilitation of the quarry site focused on recreation of farmland, so as to return the land to its original use. Wooded hedgerows, typical of the Normandy landscape, were replanted. A small pond was also created, so that farmers would have access to water even in periods of drought.

At the same time, the operating plan for the new Neuilly 2 pit was designed to allow the farmers previously occupying the site to continue using land that had not yet been quarried and quickly resume farming on rehabilitated land as the pit advanced. Quarrying is thus merely a transitory use of the space.

A land availability agreement has been signed with SAFER Basse-Normandie, the land and rural property development agency, which is responsible for assigning land in accordance with the best interests of local farmers.


The pit is perfectly integrated into its environment and operates in harmony with the activities in its immediate vicinity. Rather than "eating up" farmland, our landholdings are immediately returned to agricultural use. Through SAFER, 28 ha have been made available to three farmers, two of whom are young local farmers who have thus been able to find the land they need for their businesses close to their home base.


Tonnes of clay obtained from Neuilly la Forêt



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