The idea of Club Terre & Communes is to promote dialogue between local authorities, but also between them and the Terreal Group, with the focus on our common heritage – clay.


As we informally knew a number of elected officials in the municipalities where our manufacturing sites and quarries are located, it made sense to us introduce them to each other and meet more regularly, in order to build dialogue with the focus on our common heritage – clay.


We set up Club Terre et Communes in 2011, with the idea of stimulating dialogue among different municipalities and between those municipalities and the Terreal Group. 

Our plan was to take various initiatives based on the trades and industries involved in clay and terracotta, such as talks and activities in leisure centres, exhibitions and events such as the Festival d'Argile, setting up training centres for installing our products, etc.


The club was an immediate success, attracting the keen involvement of many elected officials and giving rise to several specific plans and projects with Terreal staff.


In 2012, Club Terre & Communes held its second meeting at Castelnaudary, the home of our R&D centre. Its key theme was innovation:



  • Innovative town planning, involving the ideas contained in the Promotoit white paper to which Terreal made a substantial contribution.


  • Innovative construction, with a presentation of the HSP site. Project HSP, officially opened by local representatives in December 2013, involved building two positive energy houses in Castelnaudary – the first houses with Bepos Effinergie certification in the social housing sector.


  • Innovative building systems, with a presentation of the work of the work of the Terreal Research & Development Centre.




The theme for 2014 was the circular economy. The meeting was held at Chagny, in Saône-et-Loire, where the elected officials were given a sneak preview of the SMET 71 ECOCEA household waste methanisation unit, which is located close to Terreal's plant and which now supplies the plant with biogas.


In 2018, in Bavent (14), this event was placed under the sign of "Bavent Terre d'Argile" Festival, a biannual event that promotes the artistic and technical heritage of clay. The exchanges also made it possible to share the Group's strategic vision, the main investments and the CSR strategy.


Originally planned for 2020 but postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic; in 2021, Terre & Communes took place in Colomiers (31). On the central theme of decarbonization and energy transition, everyone was able to present their news and commitments in terms of renewable energy through concrete projects.