Employing young people in Sensitive Urban Zones

Helping young people in Sensitive Urban Zones gain access to employment – a mission close to our hearts!


For young people, finding a first job is often a long process. It can be especially arduous for young people in Sensitive Urban Zones.


This is a social issue that is close to our hearts, and to which we have responded by signing up to "100 Chances, 100 Jobs", an association that works to get young people into employment through a scheme operating in a number of local areas. Claire Borey, Public Relations & HR Manager at our Chagny site in Saône-et-Loire, is closely involved in the scheme locally. In a week-long process, young people selected by local teams are given training in self-awareness, writing a CV and succeeding at job interviews. The Group's HR managers all take part in practice interviews, after which guidance is given to the interviewees. In the final stage, a committee made up of members from several firms meets the trainees again later on to discuss how their search for work is progressing.