European Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste made waste prevention a legal priority.

Preventing waste is a prerequisite for "sustainable development", i.e. for creating a long-term balance between ecology and economy. Beyond regulatory requirements, our customers are keen to cut packaging waste so as to build in accordance with environmental standards (HQE, LEED, BREEAM). Pallets represent a significant portion of this waste.


Terreal has accepted returns of Calibric pallets since 1 November 2012. The aim is to:

  • Encourage their reuse

  • Make it easier to recycle them or otherwise put them to good use

  • Reduce the number of pallets used. 


We created a new, more durable pallet with an easily recognisable appearance – One standard format (1050x1050 mm) for all products – Height of 90 mm under the rafters, enabling easy handling – More durable, hence easily reused and refurbished – Number of products per pallet remains unchanged – Clear "TERREAL 1" branding makes pallets easy to recognise on site and in storage.

120 000

pallets saved each year