Since 2020, raw material recycled in our Noale products


The European Union, through the “Green Deal”, requires commitments from its member states for energy transition and carbon neutrality. In the building materials sector, the Italian government has introduced a new regulation for the public sector: the Minimum Environmental Criteria (known as CAM in Italian).


What are the “Minimum Environmental Criteria”? These are environmental requirements, defined by the Italian Ministry of the Environment, for the different phases of the process for procuring building materials for public contracts. They aim to identify the best design solution and the best product or service from an environmental point of view throughout the life cycle. In concrete terms, the law requires a minimum of 15% recycled materials in every new public building: 10% for structural bricks and 5% for roof tiles.


Our plants in Italy are therefore working with this in mind for an increasing number of products.


From 2020 onwards, all production at our Noale plant will include a percentage of recycled material in line with this legislation.


Terreal Italy has also committed in 2021 to extend the use of recycled materials to other product ranges.