Energy efficient buildings

Stricter thermal regulations

As a manufacturer of building envelope construction systems, we actively support the work of France’s sustainable building plan.

We participate in various working groups on topics such as innovation and thermal regulation, innovative financing for energy renovation and the obligation to renovate.

Meeting the regulations

Our customers are looking for technical construction and renovation solutions that will enable them to achieve the goals set by France’s thermal regulations:

  • RT 2012, which requires primary energy consumption lower than or equal to 50 kilowatt-hours of primary energy / m² / year, and houses to be airtight
  • RT 2020, which will make positive energy buildings a requirement.
  • RT 2020, the existing regulation through elements that target energy renovations on buildings of under 1000 m².

The building sector now represents about 40% of the total energy consumption in France and nearly 20% of CO2 emissions. It is therefore also the main source of energy savings.

Certified construction solutions

At Terreal, we are committed to providing economic construction solutions whose specifications have been measured and certified by external organizations (CSTBat, NFth). The goal is twofold:

  • facilitate thermal calculations for our customers
  • extend the range to include coordinated accessories that simplify efficient treatment of thermal bridges.

Our construction systems make it possible to achieve air tightness values - measured in situ – that are better than those required by the 2012 French thermal regulations.

We are in close contact with thermal design offices in order to provide them with the certified data necessary for energy efficiency calculations on buildings and develop ever more efficient systems.

Thermal performance also means thermal renovation systems for existing buildings. So at Terreal we supply add-on insulation facade systems (terracotta cladding) to provide thermal insulation on the outside of buildings, as well as a system of insulating panels suitable for the thermal renovation of buildings from the outside. These panels are pre-fitted with terracotta plates.

Training and supporting our customers

To help our customers achieve airtight masonry, we have developed specific innovative training modules combining theory and practice. We have set up a "blower door” machine, constituting the first airtightness training masonry building.

Our Group also helps those interested in producing compliance applications, including as regards the regulatory thermal calculations for entire buildings.

Our thermal and photovoltaic solar range

At Terreal, we have developed a thermal and photovoltaic solar range that is perfectly suited to tiled roofs. It allows our customers to achieve the 2020 regulatory performance requirements, in particular as regards the production of energy by the building itself.

And because incorporating roof solar systems is a new area of business for our customers, the technical range has been enriched with a dedicated range of services (sales support, training before and during construction or full support for administrative connection procedures). 

Targeting energy efficiency is also about working to renovate the existing housing stocK

Promotoit white paper: “Le Toit - solutions for freeing up housing production in France

This working group, in which Terreal is very involved, wrote a white paper in 2012 putting forward a set of practical measures to:

  • increase the supply of housing in France by providing human solutions for densification, putting roofs at the centre of the reflections
  • finance energy renovation of the existing housing stock by making use of the areas (ground and air) in residential areas or buildings