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Durability / 100% metallic seal: shell in pre-painted galvanised steel or natural zinc, pleated lead skirt / Galvanisation and specific pre-painting for long-lasting protection against corrosion / Neutralisation of effects between steel and lead / Fully recyclable
Perfect aesthetic integration / Perfect integration of the seal with all types of tile with solid or aged colours / Colours also available in flashing, for a uniformity of roofing
Quality finishes / High mechanical resistance and watertightness guaranteed (continuous fastening of the flaps with a counter-fold)/ Excellent colour-fastness over time
Ventilation and watertightness / Ventilation capacity of 100 cm² per linear metre guaranteed over time / Specific shape and position of the vents for immediate watertightness
Easy and convenient to install / Can be used in all weather conditions and all seasons / Easy to install and comfortable to lay / Can be used in all weather conditions and in all seasons Fast and easy to smooth / Excellent resistance of the seal during handling
Corrugation and flap widths / 20% smoothing coefficient to suit all tile shapes / Single pleat for all flap widths / 3 flap widths (90 mm, 120 mm, 140 mm) to suit all tile patterns

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