Today the average recycling rate of photovoltaic modules is 94.7%.
This is why we are a member of the PV Cycle association, which takes care of the recycling of modules.
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Yes: photovoltaic modules work as long as there is light.
So even under a cloudy sky the module produces electricity, but 2 to 4 times less than on a clear day.

The photovoltaic modules are connected to a micro-inverter which converts the direct current from the photovoltaic modules into alternating current (230V).
The micro-inverter is connected to the electrical panel of your home via a circuit breaker.
The energy produced by the modules is consumed by the electrical appliances in operation or on standby in your home. The surplus is injected into the electrical network.

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The surplus of solar production not consumed is sold to EDF at a fixed price over 20 years. A contract is signed between you, the electricity producer, and EDF, which buys it back. The feed-in tariff differs depending on whether you want to sell all or part of your electricity production.
If necessary, Terreal's advisors will assist you in managing the administrative procedures.

The monitoring of its electricity production is done either by means of a pulse meter that displays the kWh produced, or via a communication gateway that allows the instantaneous production of each microinverter to be monitored online. Both of these devices can be installed after your installation has been commissioned.

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Our roof integration solutions are compatible with all types of roofs. Your roofing carpenter will provide you with a personalized simulation based on your roof and adapted to your energy needs.