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How to get rid of birds under the roof

Getting rid of birds nesting under a roof is a matter of procedure. The law prohibits the destruction of nests—except for common starling, house sparrow and pigeon nests—or risk facing sanctions. In all other cases, the professionals must be called, who will trap and release the birds. As soon as the situation allows, the roof can quickly be protected from birds to prevent them returning and settling back in. 

What types of birds might nest under my roof? 

In France, many birds leave their natural environment and choose to nest under roofs. Some of the most common are:  

  • Common starlings 
  • House sparrows 
  • Pigeons 
  • Swallows 
  • Swifts 
  • Tits etc. 


Why protect my roof from birds? 

Nests increase the risk of fire because they are made from flammable materials. These same materials block the ventilation ducts. They block the flow of air, creating damp and condensation inside. 

  • Bird droppings are acidic and can cause damage to roofs and gutters in particular. It is then quite common to see cracks appearing, which compromise the sealing. 
  • Wild animals carry toxic germs and diseases and birds are no exception. As a result, you shouldn't touch them or let them come near dwellings. 

How can I stop birds from getting under the roof?

When a roof is not protected, birds and other pests can cause considerable damage. By preventing them from getting near to the house, and therefore the roof, we limit the number of individuals that can land.  

Most birds are timid. Bird scarers keep them away for a while but they come back once calm is restored. To scare them off and make them turn tail, start by protecting the garden. A few simple tricks such as reflective strips, CDs, aluminium foil balls, tin cans or hanging mirrors will make the area seem less inviting.  

To make the garden even more unwelcoming, a cat will chase them and attack their nests. In addition, by getting rid of the insects they feed on, birds will look elsewhere.  

Finally, you can use non-toxic repellent sprays made with vinegar, ground chillies and pepper. 


How can I protect my roof from birds?

It's very important not to let birds get settled, as some species of like to nest in the same place for each brood. If they are a protected species, you will have to be patient and wait for them to leave on their own. Alternatively, you could pay professionals. 

To protect your roof from birds, the best solution is to stop them from entering in the first place. In this respect, , the Terreal tile guard is perfect. This is a flexible grid that can be adapted to many different styles of roof. Positioned at the edge of the roofing tile, it prevents birds and other pests from getting in.  

Terreal tile guards are secure and easy to fit. Birds will see it's not for them and turn around. 


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