Façade terre cuite pérenité

A high-quality: A maintenance-free material.

Durable, long-lasting and stable: Terracotta stands the test of time.

It adds depth, strength and identity to the buildings it is used on.  At Terreal, we believe that it breathes life into them too, adding a little extra character with the passing of time. What's more, this high-quality material doesn't require any maintenance, lasting for a long time it is ideal for managing costs in the long term.

Terracotta is an authentic material that retains its lustre and does not collect pollution and the impurities brought by rainwater. In all honesty, this is extremely reassuring for the customer.
Paul Vincent, Agence Paul Vincent Architecture.

"Terracotta has a singular quality", as Renzo Piano often pointed out. “It has the distinctive characteristic of adding colour to the space around it. It is reflected on faces and buildings and creates a happy atmosphere.
This effect does not fade over time, as Terracotta ages beautifully. This is a fundamental issue for me; why would you produce something beautiful for it to just deteriorate and become dirty and marked? This can be seen in Lyon’s Cité Internationale quarter, where everybody agrees that it has not aged at all in more than twenty years, and all without any maintenance.
It’s aesthetics also enable it to endure, it lends itself equally well to the most cutting-edge and the most rustic of treatments, creating the impression of returning to the earth and of an extremely noble artisanal material. Terracotta will continue to play a crucial role in the future of construction”.

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